Clean India

Clean India

Promotion of better health, sanitation and hygiene in ten slum community   through awareness creation, construction of eco-toilets and installation of water filters. This is a pilot project and after successful completion of activities, the same can be replicated in other slums of the district and other regions.

Through the proposed project, Madheshiya Vishy Gathbandhan samaj seva samiti wishes to achieve the following objectives:

  • To make people understand the importance of clean and sanitized environment through awareness creation.
  • To sensitize the community on water usage, importance of toilets and the ill effects of open defecation system.
  • To motivate the community for participating in the construction of eco-toilets, installation of water filters and waste management.
  • To motivate the women, youth, children and community in acquiring immunity from water borne and open defecation systems through use of toilet.
  • To make the people understand about participatory approach in water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Conduct sensitization and awareness building activities to highlight the importance of providing adequate toilet and sanitation facilities for girls as well as effective management of adolescent female sexual maturation.  

Providing a healthy physical learning environment to the community, benefiting both learning and health.