Past Event Details

Past Event details

WOMEN'S DAY(08-Mar-2018)

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It commemorates the movement for women's rights. On initial stage, Women's Day was celebrated on 28th of February in year 1909. Later on it was suggested to be held on 8th March thus, a date was declared to be the above one and this became a National Holiday.
So, on this occasion of Women's Day, we are planning to conduct an event which is basically throwing light upon Women's Health, i.e. Distribution of SANITARY NAPKINS and enlightening them upon the importance of it. And also encouraging them to use it during their monthly cycles. Mensturation is very Normal. It helps in check of your hormone cycle; learns about bones, thyroid and metabolic activities; create emotional wellness and many more.

The Event went so succesful. We explained the women with the disadvantages of Clothes used during menstural cycle and how dangerous it is. Thus, distributing 140 Sanitary Napkins in the village. We had to face many challnges, yet the evening spent with them so Good.
We feel delighted to celebrate Womens Day with sharing our knowledge for the better of our society. People involved in this events are, Archana Gupta -The President of M.V.G.S.Seva Samiti , Shashi Bhushan Gupta - The secretary of M.V.G.S.Seva Samiti along with Aditi Gunja, Atishay Gupta, Rina Devi, Pompa Devi, Nilu Devi, Tilka Badiya, Dr. Mohini Gupta, Nilu Kumar, etc.

Sanitary Napkins are not to be ashamed of. Its NORMAL and one of the most integral part of Women's life.