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Skill Training for Tribals

Skill Training for Tribals

The tribal women of the area are the most vulnerable and their lives have been impacted severely by the oppression related to gender , caste , religion , patriarchy and age-old customs. In all tribal hamlets, the sole priority of women is the survival of their families. Traditionally, tribal women were able to scrape though their survival with meager income/resources available in the area.

The national socio-economic changes have created instability in the life of the tribal population all over the country. Besides, some of the new paradigms employing advanced technologies have proved as a curse for development of these marginalized tribals since they are illiterate, backward and far away from new technology, information and resources. Only a few tribal families are dependent on the small plots of land that produce an inadequate quantity of food crops due to poor farming practices.

 The survival of the majority families is dependent on daily wages, which are extremely under-paid in the operation area. In the absence of adequate means of employment and survival, the tribals are forced to borrow from vicious money lenders. These lenders exploit them by charging high interest rates and cheat with nefarious entries which land the tribals into a never ending misery. Many of the male members of the tribal families have chronic alcoholism issues, which leads them to frustration, violence against women and children in the family and inability to think for the betterment of their families. The vicious circle of poverty, debt, ignorance, illiteracy and fear of corrupt politicians has still kept the tribal women miles away from development.

Though many programmes have been introduced in public and mass media especially for women, it has not taken much shape at the grassroot level. While working in the region, the organisation has been approached by women belonging to marginalized section to help them improving their socio-economic standard. Some of the problems we have come across are gender biased actions in resource handling and mobilization, non – accessibility for any existed programmes, over work, illiteracy, suppression of their real needs, domestic violence and social conducting on educating their children.

Skill development is critically important to address the twin issues of unemployment and shortage of skilled manpower meeting the required standards of industry. The informal sector in India has a large absorption capacity for (self-) employment and income generation, but its productive and social potential remains untapped. There is scope for improvement of its low productivity levels through skill formation, improved tools, institutional credit, market information and other support measures. Masses of people are left without the opportunity to complete an education that leads to productive work or employment. For people working in the informal sector to engage in productive (self-) employment, it is crucial to acquire skills with strong market linkages. Hence, there is need to address the growing unemployment while delivering skilled manpower for the labour market.

Project Objectives

To enhance the employability of 400 Nos. disadvantaged and poor women through vocational and skill trainings in the district.

The proposed project aims to eliminate poverty amidst the rural families of the district. Women will be identified with the support of the local authorities and involve the said families in a skill oriented production activities by forming in to Self – Help Groups of women and empower them with management skills and gender sensitization programme.

With our current resource and the identified needs, the organisation plans to organiz 400 women in to groups and buildup with the capacity and capability to attain self sustainability at multi – prolonged manner and federate their for their long lasting activism for which we are in need of external financial support.